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Born in Darkness. Hunted by Gods. Forged in Flames.

“In this forsaken place, there is nothing but shadow and deceit. Into that darkness, came a light. You are that light. Be the beacon in the night storm against which the waves crash; never falling, never fading.” – Hunson

From a dark, fallen place, evil comes. Invaders are at Urtha’s gates and in her skies. Not just one race, but many, destroying entire worlds in their wake. These are wars Thaya cannot win. It’s too late to save the people; to survive, all must hide. If she and Khy can find the Staff star gate tool, they might just hold the portals against the onslaught. But the journey is treacherous, and the outcome far from certain.

When a Holy Man reveals the truth of Thaya’s origins, she’s cast adrift in a world in which she no longer belongs. Burdened by loss, broken by betrayal, and entangled in the greatest invasion of her time, she must embrace the destiny that calls to her and leave everyone in the past to find her own salvation. It’s not just the evil she must face that terrifies her, but an ancient god from the future who hunts her.

Described as Stargate with unicorns and dragons, and The Lord of the Rings with aliens and spaceships. If you’d like to mix The Hobbit with Dune, or put King Arthur in space, then you’ll enjoy this mixed-genre, feel-good series written for people with a human soul and an adventurous spirit.

In Flamerunner, Thaya and her unicorn partner, Khy, battle against dragons, spaceships, magic, aliens, demons, angels and wizards, and time travel through portals to future Earth and the ancient past on a quest to find the Staff; the long lost star gate tool. With gryphons, elves, knights, stone circles and mages to aid them, nothing is left out of this fast-paced, epic fantasy sci-fi adventure. You can read them in any order, but most people prefer to read them in the order of publication:
1. Farseeker
2. Gatewalker
3. Flamerunner
4. Sunbreaker

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“For those of us who have been waiting with baited breath to discover the final outcome for Thaya, this book delivers with knobs on! The interweaving of fantasy and science fiction has been superbly crafted and the attention to detail is sublime.”

“Everything that has previously happened in Thaya’s life is expertly woven together to culminate in this final instalment. The author introduces new characters that progress the story and skillfully mingles them with the old, familiar and much loved characters who first appeared at the very beginning of this epic journey.”

“I stand in awe of this author: her imagination, attention to detail and colossal memory have allowed her to create new worlds and alien races and align them to our own in an utterly believable way.”

“Does Thaya come out of this unscathed? No spoilers here – you’ll have to pull up a chair and find out for yourself…”

Feedback for the series

“A superbly crafted fantasy adventure populated with charismatic characters. A silver medal winner and highly recommended!” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“OMG, of all the many books I’ve read, this is by far my most favorite. I would give it 10 stars if I could.”

“What a fabulous novel. I congratulate the author on putting together an interesting fantasy plot and filling it with so many fully-formed characters. There’s plenty here for fantasy lovers to enjoy.” Amazon reader

“A fabulous story, expertly weaved.”

“I enjoyed this book so very much I thought the central premise was very clever, and the protagonist, Thaya, was complex and fun to follow. I think this could be the start of a fantastic set of books.” Amazon reader

“Your book touched my heart several times”

“I loved it and can’t wait for the next installment.”

“…amazing and beautifully written and i am so looking forward to continuing this series.”

“This is a rather long, well-plotted fantasy adventure with elements of myths and legends. This is the sort of book a reader can really get into as there are so many characters worth getting to know. I would happy recommend this book to others and I’ll be reading more by this author.” Amazon reader

“I loved the book!”

“You don’t want to miss this story!”

“I cannot wait to read the next book in this enthralling series.”

“An excellent sci-fi fantasy with an original storyline and great interesting characters.”

“This is an excellent book.”

“…wonderfully written fast moving high fantasy including love, maturity, ethics, magic, believing in yourself, determination and adversity.”

“Drew me in right away.”

“I really enjoyed this! You have a way with world building that is second to none.”

“I loved the premise behind this story, it made me think (and wish our world could be like this…)”

“I give it a big 5”

“I loved it”

“Love this story from the very first word to the very last word.”

“…amazing and beautifully written and i am so looking forward to continuing this series.”

“I enjoyed it very much!”

“This is wonderful!”

“I highly recommended 5/5”

“A new series with lots of action and adventure in a fight against interstellar evil”

“A massive fight of light against dark in a bid for freedom!”