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Haunted by the past. Hunted in the present. Trapped in the future.

Caught in a battle between a dragon, a horde of reptilian aliens, and a spaceship, Thaya and Khy are forced to run for their lives. When she’s contacted by a mysterious elf, Thaya must risk everything to enter the dragon’s lair and take back what was stolen.

Battling through dragon-fire and fleeing through the eons of time; from the brutal hands of her own people to the tranquil shores of present-day Florida, Thaya finds no refuge from those who hunt her. Encumbered by an elven relic with the power to start a civil war and a star portal tool with the power to end the world, the fate of Urtha’s past, of Earth’s future, and of the Elven people is in her hands.

Struggling to survive in a merciless world, Thaya longs to reach the fabled Magi of Loji. But nothing goes to plan, and death awaits her at every turn. In the long distant past, before mighty Lonohassa fell, a wise and mystifying Gatekeeper watches, and when all seems lost, Thaya and Khy discover a far darker future threatens humanity than a dragon’s wrath.

Stargate meets The Hobbit in this multi-award-winning, mixed-genre, ancient history fantasy sci-fi adventure.

Spaceships, unicorns, time-travel, Men in Black, alien worlds, portals, stone circles, magic, sweeping worlds, epic battles – a brand new sci-fi fantasy adventure that throws us through time portals from the ancient Earth’s long-forgotten civilisations, to the magicless present, and forces us to battle against dragons, elves, and aliens. This feel-good, epic fantasy sci-fi series is for people with a human soul and an adventurous spirit.

You can read them in any order, but most people prefer to read them in the order of publication:
1. Farseeker
2. Gatewalker
3. Flamerunner
4. Sunbreaker

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Reader feedback for the series

“A superbly crafted fantasy adventure populated with charismatic characters. A silver medal winner and highly recommended!” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“OMG, of all the many books I’ve read, this is by far my most favorite. I would give it 10 stars if I could.”

“What a fabulous novel. I congratulate the author on putting together an interesting fantasy plot and filling it with so many fully-formed characters. There’s plenty here for fantasy lovers to enjoy.” Male reader, age 47

“A fabulous story, expertly weaved.”

“I enjoyed this book so very much I thought the central premise was very clever, and the protagonist, Thaya, was complex and fun to follow. I think this could be the start of a fantastic set of books.” Female reader, age 56

“Your book touched my heart several times”

“I loved it and can’t wait for the next installment.”

“…amazing and beautifully written and i am so looking forward to continuing this series.”

“This is a rather long, well-plotted fantasy adventure with elements of myths and legends. This is the sort of book a reader can really get into as there are so many characters worth getting to know. I would happy recommend this book to others and I’ll be reading more by this author.” Male reader, aged 36

“I loved the book!”

“You don’t want to miss this story!”

“I cannot wait to read the next book in this enthralling series.”

“An excellent sci-fi fantasy with an original storyline and great interesting characters.”

“This is an excellent book.”

“…wonderfully written fast moving high fantasy including love, maturity, ethics, magic, believing in yourself, determination and adversity.”

“Drew me in right away.”

“I really enjoyed this! You have a way with world building that is second to none.”

“I loved the premise behind this story, it made me think (and wish our world could be like this…)”

“I give it a big 5”

“I loved it”

“Love this story from the very first word to the very last word.”

“…amazing and beautifully written and i am so looking forward to continuing this series.”

“I enjoyed it very much!”

“This is wonderful!”

“I highly recommended 5/5”

“A new series with lots of action and adventure in a fight against interstellar evil”

“A massive fight of light against dark in a bid for freedom!”